How to Build a Web (SaaS) App Cheap?

From my early app store experience, I was inspired by a comic book effect app and started hacking away with open GL shader languages (GLSL) It took me many sleepless night to finally put together a half ass app.  Then I found out that another guy created a similar app, but this time, the effect is apply in the live camera (ToonCamera).  I immediately went back to research on how to do that.  And after yet another couple weeks of sleepless night, I finally cracked it.  Along the way, I found half a dozen GLSL shader codes on some site.

Coming from a software architect/engineer background certainly help me quickly refactor the code into reusable components.  The result is a series of GLSL effect apps dominating the US, UK Entertainment Top Chart.

The same applies to web app.  Software As A Service has been taking the software industry like a storm.  No, it’s not because of commoditization of cloud platform.  No, it’s not because of popularity of micro services.  No, it’s not because of army of aspiring solopreneurs.   SaaS, in terms of technology, have been around since the beginning of the dot com boom.  The only meaningful difference between traditional software and SaaS is mainly the charing model.  It was called “utility computing” long time ago.  There’s really nothing new under the sun, the only difference is new players playing the game.