I am Peter Yun.  I Live in Vancouver, I Love to Design and Build Software and Get Things Done.

Yes. I am one of those people who graduated with honour without going to class.

My Passive Income Life

You are here probably because you are interested in how I build and acquire various passive income streams.

Here in my blog, you will find valuable information on my quest to build, buy and sell cash flow online.  My origin story started with a spark of curiosity when the first iPhone came in the existence and the opportunity to make app to service a massive mobile marketing.  Truth be told, my original goal was to create an app to scratch my own itch and hopefully make enough money to pay for my month data plan.  Well, it paid for my data plan many, many, many times over and I have since created more than 30 apps along my journey.

Besides app business, I also ventured into WordPress Plugins business (OptimalPlugins.com) and Tennis Training Website (NerdTennis.com).  The whole idea is to monetize my life as much as possible so that I put money into my pocket naturally and effortlessly.  If I want an app, instead of buying one, I check to see if it’s profitable to build one for my self and sell at the same time.  Instead of spending money on a tennis vacation, I bought high speed camera and video record the pros, then create and sell tennis training courses online.  All of these activities expanded my world since they allows me to learn news skills, meet new people and explore mindsets that I wasn’t accustomed to before.

Thanks to the experience, I am an expert iOS developer, wordpress/PHP specialist.  I travelled to multiple tennis tournament and got up close and personal with many of my favourite tennis players.  I am truly grateful for all the wonderful experience from my quest to build passive income.

My Active Income Life

I am a Senior Software Engineer by trade.  Actually I have been an engineering all my life starting from my very first Japanese Diecast Robot back when I was a tiny kid, then things kinda escalated from Japan Diecast Robots, Lego, Gundam Models to real robotic in University, then on to telephony software, stock trading software to global banking software :O

What have I accomplished?

My works in banking IT revolved around steering architecture standards and code quality governance. The latest gig is defining various peer review workflow and quality gates to improve the delivery standard in a global initiative involving over 1,000 FTE with approx 300 developers across 5 countries.

I provided pre-sales/post sales enterprise software solution consultation to some of the biggest names in HK: Sony, UBS Warburg, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Arthur Anderson, ING Baring, Chinese University of Hong Kong, GE ECXpress, HIT, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, etc.

I designed and implemented the first Online Real Time Stock Quote in Hong Kong. This is a mission critical high availability application serving over 1,000 concurrent users for one of the highest transaction volume stock exchange in the world (HKEX)

I designed and implemented a proxy server for the London Underground – Jubilee Extension. It enabled the train control system to dock 37 trains per hour.

I took over the development of all major core components within 9 months in my first job. Order processing, Call-Rating, Billing, Posting/adjustment modules.


In my Financial Banking IT career, I mostly dealt with Java, Spring integration, Javascript, CSS, IBM Websphere, Portal etc. During my pre-sales consulting days, I regularly met with CXO level executives exploring value adding preposition. I wrote a lot of apps in objective C and recently swfit 2.0 for Apple TV. I am also involved in wordpress plugins development using PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS etc. I am currently working on a multi-tenant SaaS using Ruby on Rails deploying on Heroku.