Achilles Tendon Rupture Rehab – Week 21

This week I am happy to announce I have a major breakthrough with my rehab.  Co-incidentally I put a pause on my PT appointments. What’s changed? There are 3 major changes: Wobble Board (FitterFirst). Voodoo band (RogueFitness). KT Tape. 100 Forced Reps Seated calf raise. I had been going to the PT since week 12. […]

Achilles Tendon Rupture Rehab – Week 6

Bye bye crutches.  Wait not so fast!  How can I possibly get rid of the crutches at 6 week post op.  You are right.  I was getting rid of the Canadian crutches since the my all mighty forearm crutches had arrived!  Forearm crutches were so much easier to use but they demanded much more upper […]

How Not to Feel Overwhelmed?

The way I tend to handle task is I add them to my mental stack and I tackle them one at a time.  I find it hard to keep hammering at one task from start to finish in one go.  What I have learnt and worked for me quite well is to rotate the task […]

How to Build a Web (SaaS) App Cheap?

From my early app store experience, I was inspired by a comic book effect app and started hacking away with open GL shader languages (GLSL) It took me many sleepless night to finally put together a half ass app.  Then I found out that another guy created a similar app, but this time, the effect […]

Build and Launch #1 – Locator App

I have always wanted to branch out from the mobile app business ever since I have some success with it.  The idea of putting all the eggs in one basket and the fact that all the revenue are heavily relied on the a platform I don’t own if always on my mind. My app portfolio […]